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News & Events

Bridging the Gap
May 3, 2022

Todd and Maret talk Augmented Reality and BIM overlay on the jobsite. A great converation about finding familiarity in change. How when you're trying new tech it may help to frame it in familiar terms. 

Argyle Demo
January 11, 2022

The first public broadcast of Argyle’s new beta app for construction BIM overlay. After a bit of a false start (excitement will do that), the demo kicks off at 1:10 where Logan and Maret team up to demonstrate a typical walkthrough. 

AWE 2021
November 11, 2021

Watch Maret and Logan’s presentation last Fall at Augmented World Expo. In this talk, Maret introduces the value of augmenting big buildings by animating them with data, and Logan shows what tech problems Argyle solved to do that.  

The ConTech Crew Podcast
June 15, 2021


Holograms are REAL! Maret sits down with Jeff Sample and Tauhira Ali of the ConTech Crew Podcast and discusses all things hologram and Argyle. The response was so great, this episode was mentioned in the year end round-up episode (at 1:05:58 time stamp). 

ENR FutureTech - Next Gen BIM
June 10, 2021

Maret sat down with Nash Reyes of HMC Architects to discuss how to make BIM and AR work harder for the construction fieldworker, overcoming file size limitations, creating precise site alignment, and helping everyone on site get the ROI out of the BIM. Please note:  you will need to register to ENR FutureTech to watch on demand.

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