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You make Building information models

See them in context on site

What is Argyle?

Argyle is a BIM to Augmented Reality application for Construction companies that use BIM. Argyle public beta includes:


  • 1-click Revit export

  • Less than 5 minute setup on site

  • Instant calibration 

Why Argyle?

Argyle is Overlay

  • Argyle enriches your entire site with always-available holograms. Helpful, up-to date BIM you can reference in context without pre planning--just put on your hard hat.


Argyle is Aligned

  • Augmented Reality that is precise, persistent, and self-healing for the changing jobsite. 


Argyle is Data

  • Think beyond the visualizer. With Argyle, your building becomes a spatial database--storing scans, photos, and interactions keyed to their location in real space.


Safety First Rendering

  • Argyle’s proprietary edge rendering technology shows the models’ edge for maximum visibility of construction hazards. 

  • Don’t let Augmented reality occlude vision. Argyle shows only what you need for construction performance.



  • Your holomap shows your location on the project and orientation to the earth. 

  • OR * It shows your location on site and allows you to explore unbuilt sections of the building.


Anywhere Alignment

  • Drop anchors anywhere your feet can take you on site for resilient alignment.


Entire Model Workflow

  • It’s always the questions on site you didn’t anticipate, that’s why Argyle puts your entire model on your headset without wi-fi. It’s only possible with our tiny glTF BIM files. 


Sortable, Queryable Holograms

  • Turn building categories on and off to see just what you need. Example project: 22,000 building objects with 1.1M pieces of associated metadata, all accessible on your feet. A recent medium sized project.


2-Way Updates

  • Instantly view BIM updates. Check design changes on the fly, even tethered on your phone’s internet.



Ready to Try Argyle ?

Free 1 month trial for each project to ensure it's a fit for your team. No credit card required.

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