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The New Standard in 
Heavy Construction  Agmentation

Argyle is

a BIM to Augmented Reality app

for Heavy Construction.

AR Guide for Construction

In Construction AR--alignment to the jobsite needs to be easy, fast, smooth, AND keep itself up to date. Otherwise it’s not a tool, it’s a toy. And it’s detracting from productivity. Supers don’t have time for malarky.


When evaluating AR solutions, ask yourself--what job do you need the AR tool to do for you?

Does it need to be highly accurate, like when you want to locate a specific mechanical component?

Augmentated Site Walks and Pre Bids

Helpful, up-to date BIM you can reference in context without pre planning--just put on your hard hat.

Quality Assurance

Augmented Reality enables anyone on the crew to compare plans against the progress. 

Trade Coordination

Augmented trade coordination eliminates cascading install errors in tricky build situations. From hospital headwalls to mechanical rooms. 

Midigate Loss Time

Implimentation of AR on a jobsite will allow for more competitive bids and more profitalble projects.

What you didn't notice, forgot to check, or misinterpreted is

obvious in AR


Tech &

Connect workers to data with Augmented Reality. 

Argyle’s technologies were built to connect the front line worker to their BIM data using Augmented Reality, and specifically 1:1 data overlays to guide and direct jobsite tasks. These technologies move projects and teams forward by making frontline AR safer, faster, and easier to use. And because we bring it all together on the Hololens 2, it’s remote assistance rea

Cut Rework in Half​

what you didn't notice, forgot to check, or misinterpreted is
obvious in AR

Go Faster, with Fewer F*kups

1-click Revit export


Under 5 Minute Setup On-site

Instant Calibration

Learn How Argyle Can Change How You Work

Talk with us about how Argyle can make your front-line process on the jobsite faster, simpler, and safer.

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