Jobsite Holograms:

Preventing Rework & paperwork

Leverage your 3D BIM model--


View BIM as precisely aligned holograms & help your field team


document &


Quality Assurance

Design Discrepancies. Errors.


Screw-ups and Inspection issues. 

With Argyle's aligned holograms, its easy to see your 3D plans and compare the model to its real world counterpart.  

Copy of 20200227_151355_HoloLens.jpg
Spatialize your checklists.
Walk digital and physical simultaneously in Argyle and instantly report to management.
It's jobsite documentation that's effective, fast and easy.
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Communicating with stakeholders of all experience levels?
Holograms let them see it--no imagination required.
From language barriers to Covid-19 quarantines, Argyle helps projects communicate on site and off.

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