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Argyle Features

Argyle's  AR Platform connects the office to the field.

Jobsite Alignment Features

  • Self-healing Model Registration

  • Visual Alignment Verification

  • Advanced Adjustment Tools

Why it matters: Augmented Reality devices use vision sensors to determine and remember their position. So what happens when your construction jobsite inevitably changes?


The benefits of seeing your 3D model in augmented reality are lost if you have to constantly recalibrate the model to the real world.


Argyle's proprietary RISA technology corrects for device drift and maintains hologram alignment throughout the changing project. So when a wall is built or a concrete deck is poured, your holograms stay where they are meant to be.

If minor alignment adjustments are needed to reflect the real world build conditions, select users can adjust alignment in one location without impacting others.

Desktop Features

  • Revit to Argyle AR plugin

    • model uploads and updates

  • Secure Azure Cloud Backend

  • Create custom task lists 

Why it matters: Your models are constantly being updated--so updating the holograms needs to be easy too. In the Argyle Revit Plugin, your team's VDC, BIM person, or Project Engineer can update the model in one click. 

A few familiar Revit clicks is all it takes to get your model to be viewable in AR. Your BIM person is in the driver's seat to set custom task lists and bring spatial documentation to your project. 

Augmented Reality Features

  • Automatic Hologram Alignment

  • Interactive Project Holomap

  • Toggle on Categories, Trades, and Phases

  • Custom Walkthroughs and Checklists

Why it Matters: The person in Augmented Reality is performing tasks on site. Their job must be accurate, and the technology must enhance, not detract.

Visible gridlines and major wall sections to give the AR user confidence the holograms are correctly registered and calibrated to the real world. The interactive holomap shows where the AR device is located on site and allows you to plan next moves.

Your Revit model generates your custom walkthroughs and checklists. Toggle categories and trades on and off on the fly and send your reports to the cloud 


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