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Getting Started

Got BIM?

1. Open your invite email from Argyle - it has your login information, download links, and link to Admin Web Portal.


2. Download the Argyle Revit Plugin Here:


3. Log into Argyle Revit Plugin







It will show you available projects - if you don't see anything on list, talk to your admin. 

4. Make a view of everything you might want to see in AR.


5. Click Export. Allow 1-2 minutes, depending on size of model. Now your model is AR-ready and available in the cloud.

BIM belongs on the Jobsite

AR is the medium to get it there

Our proprietary technology keeps the BIM aligned to the changing construction site. 

1. Download Argyle to your Hololens 2 Here.

2. Enter your login information from Argyle. 

3. In Overview, Open your Project 

Open Hololens

Copy of Clients_Solutions market place_T

1. Project Holomap opens. Place Arrow at your approximate location to begin hologram alignment


2. Set at least two anchors. Fine tune alignment in Tools > Adjust Alignment​

3. Compare the BIM to Real World and toggle building elements in AR with Categories selector

Use on Jobsite