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Getting Started

Got BIM?

1. Open your invite email from Argyle - it has your login information, download links, and link to Admin Web Portal.


2. Download the Argyle Revit Plugin Here:


3. Log into Argyle Revit Plugin












It will show you available projects - if you don't see anything on list, talk to your admin. 

4. Make a view of everything you might want to see in AR.


5. Click Export. Allow 1-2 minutes, depending on size of model. Now your model is AR-ready and available in the cloud.

1. Download Argyle to your Hololens 2 Here.

2. Enter your login information from Argyle. 

3. In Overview, Open your Project 

Open Hololens

Copy of Clients_Solutions market place_T

1. Project Holomap opens. Place Arrow at your approximate location to begin hologram alignment


2. Set at least two anchors. Fine tune alignment in Tools > Adjust Alignment​

3. Compare the BIM to Real World and toggle building elements in AR with Categories selector

Use on Jobsite

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