How It Works

Jobsite Holograms:

Preventing Rework & Paperwork

Leverage Your 3D BIM Model

View BIM as precisely aligned holograms & help your field team deliver, document, and communicate.

Argyle fills your jobsite with helpful holograms, so you can interact with holograms of plumbing, HVAC, concrete embeds, or anything else in your 3D model & plans.

It’s a visual QA tool for your jobsite team--and it doesn’t take a techie to figure it out.

BIM to Argyle

Install the Argyle plugin for Revit™ and the Argyle application on your Hololens. 

Align to the Jobsite

PNW Beta - Argyle arrives on site to pin the 3D model to its real world context. Alignment is maintained over time with our Patent Pending RISA technology.

Ready to Use

That's it! The site is filled with interactive holograms made from your BIM models. Toggle between different trades, or phases. Gridlines give you confidence you're aligned.


Take a Look at Argyle in Action:

Quality Assurance

Design Discrepancies. Errors.
Screw-ups and Inspection issues. 
With Argyle's aligned holograms, its easy to see your 3D plans and compare the model to its real world counterpart.  


Spatialize your checklists.
Walk digital and physical simultaneously in Argyle and instantly report to management.
It's jobsite documentation that's effective, fast and easy.


Communicating with stakeholders of all experience levels?
Holograms let them see it--no imagination required.
From language barriers to Covid-19 quarantines, Argyle helps projects communicate on site and off.

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