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Argyle and NextGen BIM at ENR

I live in both worlds. At the jobsite and in the office.

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The jobsite has been a godsend--because while other industries were stay at home, construction’s safety-first mindset found ways to keep on keepin on, and I have been a beneficiary of outdoor air and Pacific Northwest site visits all throughout the pandemic.

But I have experienced weeks on end of the office side lately. The CEO part of me that sits in one location and pitches and researches and networks and well...blogs.

Like this. I do this myself. (Typos, like ideas, are my own.) If you’re like me, you’ve been up to your eyeballs in Zoom meetings and registering for webinars you forget to attend. And I get that. But in life, there are always exceptions.

You set two alarms instead of one. You wake up early.

You’re the first in line. You would camp out, but you’re a Grown Up.

ENR’s FutureTech is that exception.

It’s the webinars you go to.

Because since 2020 did its thing, If you’re not planning for digitization, you’re planning for obsolescence.

The lineup this year is brimming with the best in the business who have digitized through experience. I am honored to be a panelist with Nash Reyes, BIM Director at HMC Architects and Steve Jones, himself of ENR.

As innovators in BIM (BIMovators?), our panel will discuss a brief history of BIM, what drives good BIM, how contractual arrangements influence alllll of it, and how BIM is a database for your building. Finally we’ll touch on BIM in the next 2 years. What does it look like to have BIM on the project site? I plan on attending Next Gen BIM and Connected Construction which are back to back with a quick networking session in between.

Be there.

Or be square.

Join us at ENR FutureTech, particularly the NextGen BIM panel at 1:00 PM EST.

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