• Maret Thatcher

Augmented Reality in Construction - 5 Part Series

Learn why Augmented Reality is ready to make big project impacts and what it takes to get AR on a jobsite.

In this series we’ll introduce you to AR basics, concepts, and how to apply them to the construction workflow. Join me every week or subscribe to get the list. - Maret, CEO Argyle

  1. Intro - Why Try AR

  2. Basics - What is AR in Construction

  3. Bringing Data into AR - BIM as Jobsite Holograms

  4. AR Alignment, Persistence and Tracking in Construction Sites

  5. Using AR on the Jobsite

Augmented Reality is an entirely new, yet humanly familiar way of interacting with our data and communicating with one another. And when it comes to the Construction industry the implications are absolutely thrilling.

Less time spent translating 2D data into real world 3D issues.

Fewer problems caused by missing some vital information context provides.

Decisions get made faster and better when they are made in the field with a full intuitive understanding of both the real world and the data. And when you can’t be on site--hologram enhanced video can give you the info you need.

So yes, Augmented Reality is worth your attention. And the best way to begin understanding it is taking it for a test drive.

Have you tried AR yet? Almost every person reading this will have an AR device in their back pocket and trying it will save you so much time in the end. Before I leave you, Construction friends, it’s time. If you haven’t tried AR, search your app store now.

Go download something on your phone--If you only have 5 minutes--I recommend an easy AR measuring tape (great for estimation, search "AR Tape Measure") or take your kid on a Pokemon Go run (what?--it totally counts, search "Pokemon Go").

If you're lucky enough to be in the Pacific Northwest then the very best way to try AR is to join us for an onsite demonstration. Join us here: https://calendly.com/maret-argyle/60min

NEXT TIME: We'll explore Augmented Reality Basics and how they work in construction. We'll talk about AR actually *is* and what devices to think about for viewing jobsite holograms in construction.


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