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Growing up on Construction and SciFi

Hi, it's Maret. I've been overdue for an update but it's been for good reason. My writing skills were temporarily donated to the family, getting our history and property sorted, but our You Tube is up to date.

Are you a construction kid? Do you have construction kids? I am a kid of construction workers. It means a lot of things to be a now-adult construction kid--like having lots of DIY projects and owning equipment like concrete saws and traffic barrels. But growing up as a construction kid, I just remember my dad would leave for weeks to work on big projects. We missed him. When he would come home, we'd usually have a treat and watch Sci Fi. Here, my expectations of Augmented Reality were formed - with holograms & holodecks.



When we started Argyle, it was with the audacity to settle for nothing less than Star Trek for the jobsite.

This meant a few things to me:

  • The perfect model needed to align to the imperfect and messy world.

  • It needed to be data rich.

  • It needed to be easy and fastfastfast.


And to toot our horn. It does those things today.

If you're new here, when you open Argyle on site, a 1:1 holographic overlay of your BIM appears. Those holograms are instantly calibrated and aligned to your real world jobsite.

(What do you think we should call the real world jobsite? Some call it meat space. Pass the ribs. Some think that's weird.) The holograms are these transparent little buddies--helpful, queryable, and full of metadata. In Argyle you can review not only your own model, but everyone else's linked models too. This means that just with one click from Revit, mechanical, plumbing, structural, architectural--literally everything you have linked in Revit is now available on site. Not just its 3D shape and geometry--but its metadata too. This is the kind of super power superintendents and trades need on the jobsite. You can see the future plan and access info you need in context.

You can take a photo for your RFI with the BIM for reference.

You can be smart and detect whether your field adjustment will impact another trade. Then you can document it on the fly.

You can actually do your Quality Assurance checklist and be home at 5 for Star Trek with the kids (I'm a fan of Discovery these days)

At Argyle we imagined a building connected to the BIM as the truth of the project. We're pioneering spatial project management. You can even talk to Argyle.

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