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Hololens Trials are Here

So you have a Hololens you're not using much because it's still a PITA.

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Yeah we were there too, and it's why we made Argyle. The potential of AR was so promising. The reality was that you were so limited in what you could do and see. At Argyle, we're builders and BIM nerds who made Augmented Reality for the jobsite. In Revit, 1 click sends the entire model and metadata to the cloud--links & all. This means you can show up anywhere you can walk on site and compare the plan to the execution in that spot--without preplanning.

Try Argyle before you buy Argyle.

Once limited to projects in the Pacific Northwest, Argyle is open to projects who have these things in common: 1. A Revit model (any LOD)

2. A VDC, Project Engineer, or other BIM person who actively uses Revit on the project (someone connected to the daily activities and changes on site)

3. And finally, a Hololens 2

How it works: STEP 1 - If your project has the above 3 criteria, we have an intro call to meet one another. We send an Argyle link to your Hololens 2. No one else will have access to this link, so your project data is secure. STEP 2 - Download the Revit Add-in and install it. We'll give you the project ID. STEP 3 - Click Argyle - Export to send your Revit file to Argyle Cloud - Argyle converts to an AR ready format. STEP 4 - Set up on site. We help you align to the jobsite and get immediate return on your time investment. STEP 5 - Leverage your 3D model on site.

All we ask in return is use it and tell us what you think. Schedule here:

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