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New Year News - Announcing Clint Dietze

Merry New Year.

Woman in Construction wearing Personal Protective Equipment and a Hololens 2
Hololens 2 - Construction QA process

My family had a tradition of making New Year's predictions, and reading previous years predictions to see what came true. My siblings and I learned quickly that we could tip the scales in our favor by "predicting" trips we wanted to take, or raises in our allowances. Combined with good behavior we could get what we wanted if we said it out loud. I'm bringing that same energy into 2021. I predict that 2021 is the year we stop doing things the old way. Especially when they're causing you as much grief as rework. The not so secret secret to reducing rework is Quality Assurance. That old chestnut.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control can be easy, and quick, and accurate.

To help your projects get there, we are so proud to announce Clint Dietze.

Clint Dietze is a high energy Construction Technology professional. He has been involved in AEC projects his entire life, starting off with a hammer and nails on home renovations as a young lad. His passion is matching and applying leading edge technologies to construction projects to eliminate rework. The greatest fulfillment that Clint gets out of work is when he is able to help frontline tradespeople achieve success by correcting errors early before they become monster problems.

Construction Augmented Reality Professional
Clint Dietze

Clint has worked in a variety of industries including industrial/commercial construction, mining, pulp & paper, pharmacy, shipbuilding, and oil & gas. He has primarily worked as a field/project engineer and/or an operations/consulting engineer or project manager.

He has worked and lived on 6 different continents, with the latest experiences being in Saudi Arabia, and Australia. Clint holds a Bachelors and Masters in Engineering from the University of Alberta, and is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s General Management Program as INSEADs International Directors Programme. We're thrilled for you to meet him.

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