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"I'm Your Uncle, Argyle"

10 Facts About the Name, Argyle:

  1. Argyle is not the same as plaid. But both patterns look great on the field worker.

  2. Argyle is a pattern of intersecting diamonds, and reminds us of the mesh created by the Hololens when it scans the room.

  3. Our co-founder and CTO, Logan Smith named the company Argyle.

  4. Logan claims he didn’t realize Argyle started with “AR.” Sure, Logan.

  5. Argyle print is associated with nerds, but it’s actually a rad statement of rebellion.

  6. Argyle Pink is associated with the Argyle diamonds which are pink because they’re “created under great pressure.” Aw. Like us.

  7. Pink is a high viz color worn by hunters. Maret likes to wear her pink coveralls to jobsites.

  8. The inside of concrete decks, strung with PT Cables reminds us of Argyle print

  9. “I’m your Uncle, Argyle” is from the movie Braveheart

  10. Argyle, the jobsite AR app is heading out in beta this summer 2020. We're excited to show you everything you can do with your AR overlay.

Imagine Argyle like a gruff Scottish uncle, showing you your new superpowers.


Argyle updates its blog with news on Construction QA, Augmented Reality in AEC, and Argyle Product updates around 3 times a month. SUBSCRIBE to be the first to get special product offers, news about Argyle releases, and short stories about construction.

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