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AR Guide for Construction

Hololens 2 is out. You’re about to see no end to Augmented Reality solutions for Construction.

But how does AR work? And how does new tech like this fit into your workflow?

Check out our AR guide for Project Managers, VDCs, and IT departments for any general or trade contractor using 3D models in a four part series. No malARky (oh we thrill ourselves with an AR pun).

Building your own AR solution? Rock on! This is for you too.

Our Construction AR Guide Contains:

Take a sneak peek at the excerpt below!


How does Augmented Reality know where to put the holograms?

This is the concept of “Alignment.” It’s also referred to as “Registration.”

In Construction AR--alignment to the jobsite needs to be easy, fast, smooth, AND keep itself up to date. Otherwise it’s not a tool, it’s a toy. And it’s detracting from productivity. Supers don’t have time for malarky.

When evaluating AR solutions, ask yourself--what job do you need the AR tool to do for you?

Does it need to be highly accurate, like when you want to locate a specific mechanical component?

Pretty accurate, like when you want to preview how that cabinet layout looks in place before the install? Or maybe how the building looks on bare site?

Or can the hologram appear anywhere? Like when you want to preview how that sofa looks in your living room?

What do I need to do to get the hologram correctly aligned to the real world jobsite? Don’t underestimate the importance of good alignment. If you’re the type who cares a lot about the weeds, read on to learn about alignment types.


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