Argyle's Team

At the Intersection of Construction and XR in Sunny Portland, OR

Logan Smith,  CTO

Spatial Nerd, Space Nerd, Space-y

Logan cut his dev chops writing Revit plugins as an architectural intern. The promise of becoming a building architect was creativity. The reality was making the BIM model behave.

Logan spent most of his time as a licensed architect doing the tedious work of model building - creating a 3D Revit model that would, eventually form the legal documents of the building. 

Logan found creative expression in software architecture. His proprietary registration software, Risa, brings 3D models into precise 1:1 alignment with the real world.

Maret Thatcher, Construction CEO

Captain of Argyle Cheerleading Team

First job in construction safety, Maret paid for law school on the jobsite. Law was supposed to be the glamorous thing, but the price was tedium. Boredom. Lack of innovation. She got inspired when Logan (CTO, Above) told her someone would put the BIM on the jobsite.--"Why not us?" She pondered.


Alternate realities on top of this world made more sense to Maret than legal theory, and Construction called back to her. Now she spends her days helping with construction quality assurance. She manages the product while championing spatial AR uses for enhanced communication on the jobsite.

Lauren Lizardo, Unity Engineer

Friendly Local User Interface Developer

Lauren is Argyle's foremost Unity Gameplay Engineer and User Interface Development Consultant specializing in augmented reality interaction. Developing a fully immersive interface is no joke.


Lauren joined Argyle early 2020 and continues to help build the easy to use interface that literally follows users around the construction site in three dimensions.


Her skill is matched only by her sense of humor. She prefers a nice IPA and deserves several. 

Erik Savage, Sales Consultant

Project Engineer by Day, Tony Stark Sales by Night

Argyle's first fan turned into sales guy. It's fitting. 


Erik is an experienced Project Engineer and BIM guy who tested the Argyle prototype on the structural steel embeds of the 4th and Montgomery project in Portland, OR.


Erik consults with construction projects about how Argyle could benefit them while using Argyle to QA his own projects through the Pacific Northwest. 

Stan Hanks, IP Strategy

Founding Father of the Internet and Other Useful Things

Stan Hanks advises Argyle on IP strategy, structure, product growth, and on the miscellaneous things you don’t learn unless you’ve been inventing impossible products  for forty plus years.

Genevieve LeMarchal, Sales and Startup Strategy

Venture Capitalist, Sales Strategist, Covert Nerd

Genevieve advises argyle on sales strategy and is a sensible beacon in our team of futurist inventors. Her emphasis on The Basics has been startup bootcamp we'd recommend to anyone. She provides insight to investment and sales and helps us see the Silicon Forest from the trees. 

Argyle Advisory Board

Ryan McCullough, Construction Technology

General purpose knower of Construction Tech

Ryan had his own Hololens before just about anyone and showed it to Argyle's CTO Logan back when they were both Architects. Thanks Ryan.

Ryan's deep experience in construction technology applications, AI, and XR development helps guide our development path.

Travis Baker, Construction Insights

President of Andersen Construction and Leadership Mentor

Travis is the president and COO of Andersen Construction, one of the largest General Contracting companies in Oregon. Travis advises Argyle on construction industry insights and everything from pricing to leadership.  

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