Augment Big Buildings

your Building Information Models as holographic overlay

Argyle is

a BIM to Augmented Reality app

for Heavy Construction.

Go Faster, with Fewer F*kups

1-click Revit export

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Under 5 Minute Setup On-site

Stopwatch by Nawicon from

Instant Calibration

Calibration by Ben Davis from

Augmented Site Walks

Helpful, up-to date BIM you can reference in context without pre planning--just put on your hard hat.

Quality Assurance

Augmented Reality enables anyone on the crew to compare plans against the progress. 

Trade Coordination

Augmented trade coordination eliminates cascading install errors in tricky build situations. From hospital headwalls to mechanical rooms. 

Cut Rework in Half​

what you didn't notice, forgot to check, or misinterpreted is

obvious in AR



Safety-First Rendering

Argyle’s proprietary edge rendering technology allows for maximum visibility of construction hazards.  Don’t let Augmented reality occlude vision. Argyle shows only what you need for construction performance.


Superior Site Calibration

Drop anchors anywhere your feet can take you on site for resilient alignment.


Metadata Rich Holograms

Turn building categories on and off to see just what you need. Revit Parameters are maintained and metadata is visible.


Contextual Holomap

Your holomap shows your location on the project and orientation to the earth. 

It shows your location on site and allows you to explore unbuilt sections of the building.


Entire Model Workflow

It’s always the questions on site you didn’t anticipate, that’s why Argyle puts your entire model on your headset without wi-fi. It’s only possible with our tiny glTF BIM files.


Instant Revit Updates

Instantly view BIM updates. Check design changes on the fly, even tethered to your cell data.

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