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Cut Construction Rework in Half

BIM to AR for Builders
What you didn't notice, forgot to check, or misinterpreted is obvious with your BIM in Augmented Reality

How it Works

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1 Click Model Export
Stopwatch by Nawicon from
5 Minute Site Setup
Calibration by Ben Davis from
Instant Re-Alignment

Wireframe rendering provides maximum site visibility and safety -- Read more about our technologies

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How to: Reduce Rework with BIM and AR.

Augment the tasks you're already doing with the model as an overlay. Rework reduction with Argyle is easy as 1, 2, 3...


1 - Augmented Site Walks

Just walk and the model renders around you--so whatever your question, you can reference your BIM in context.

2 - Quality Assurance Checklists

Send checklists to the field that appear in place on site as highlighted, interactive elements.

3 - Onsite Coordination

Eliminate cascading install errors in tricky build situations. From hospital headwalls to manufacturing construction.

Faster Construction.
Fewer F*ups.

Everyday errors stack up. But what if you could catch errors earlier?


You can with Site Visualization in Augmeted Reality (AR).

Augmented Reality in Construction begins when you take an owner to evaluate design in context and continues throughout the quality assurance and control process.


Leverage your existing BIM data as an overlay for your field crew before and after installs. 

And no one does overlay like Argyle.

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