Argyle's BIM to AR app for iOS

Projects go faster with fewer f*ups when seen as a 3D holographic Overlay, but not every project has or even wants a headset.

Here's what is unlocks

Best in class model stability

Even with QR!

Secure shared model viewing and alignment for all logged-in users

Fast, easy set up. Sites with Superpowers

Sites with Superpowers

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If you already have an Argyle account, download the Argyle iOS App in Testflight:

How it works on your site

Our technology makes AR safer, faster, and easier to use.

Upload your model via Revit or Navisworks addins


Set a QR code X, Y, and Z Coordinates in Argyle Portal
BIM Location snap to printed QR codes & stays stable with Argyle


Collaborative viewing on site


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What happens after sign up?

You get access to the Argyle Portal and Downloads and one sample project to test an upload.

Your organization gets an Argyle account manager for 1:1 onboarding and to support your first uploads app use and site alignments. Once you’re confident in Argyle you can taper down your meetings to your convenience.

How accurate is model alignment?

As accurate as sub ⅛ inch. With greater care set by user to accurate landmarks, our customers are able to get comparable accuracy to total station. Argyle should not be used to lay out the grid, but it is great for visual verification with a high degree of accuracy throughout the entire job site.

If accuracy is your most important factor, here’s the set-up we would recommend: (link to a blog: accuracy use case)

How does content get into Argyle? What model types?

You will send content through Revit and Navisworks. We know you update your models a lot, so we want you to have as much model control as possible. Our Revit Add-on is seamless for Revit native files. Our Navisworks add-in is our youngest and is in beta. We find it works with most models but is a bit slow. It gets a little better every month.

What if…?

We stand by Argyle and want you to be F*ing flabbergasted with how easy it is.

AR is new, so we support you in onboarding (see: FAQ What happens after sign up?) 

If it’s not working for you, you will receive a refund

Still have questions?

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