Connect workers to data with Augmented Reality.

Argyle’s technologies were built to connect the front line worker to their BIM data using Augmented Reality, and specifically 1:1 data overlays to guide and direct jobsite tasks.

These technologies move projects and teams forward by making frontline AR safer, faster, and easier to use. And because we bring it all together on the ML2 & HL2, it’s remote assistance ready.

Available on Magic Leap 2 and HL2

Argyle is available on a range of devices. Get early access to iOS when you purchase a license.

Important Features

Our technology makes AR safer, faster, and easier to use.

Safety first rendering

Argyle’s proprietary edge rendering technology allows for maximum visibility of construction hazards.  Don’t let Augmented reality occlude vision. Argyle shows only what you need for construction performance.

Contextual Holomap

Your holomap shows your location on the project and orientation to the earth. ​It shows your location on site and allows you to explore unbuilt sections of the building.

Anywhere alignment

Drop anchors anywhere your feet can take you on site for resilient alignment.

Entire model workflow

It’s always the questions on site you didn’t anticipate, that’s why Argyle puts your entire model on your headset without wi-fi. It’s only possible with our tiny glTF BIM files.

Metadata Rich Holograms

Turn building categories on and off to see just what you need. Revit Parameters are maintained and metadata is visible.

On-the-fly updates

Instantly view BIM updates. Check design changes on the fly, even tethered to your cell data.

We know our stuff

Problems We Solve

"Aligning augmented reality data to our space and equipment is is too difficult to use regularly."

Our Risa proprietary tech keeps data aligned.

"Our files are so large, we can’t get them to render in Augmented Reality."

Our new file type streamlines transmission and loading, and the interface allows users to toggle categories off and on.

"Because my files are too large and alignment is difficult, AR is too much prep work for each use."

Argyle enables spontaneous AR use, because you’ll always have the entire model to reference in the cloud. That Model stays aligned with our proprietary technology.

"Creating and setting up my model and and tasks are difficult."

Argyle enables 1 click model upload and task creation from the job office. The entire BIM model exists as your guide, that you can turn off and on.

"Wearing AR blocks my vision from being able to work."

Argyle eliminates safety hazards by lightweight, proprietary line rendering technology.

"Augmented Reality looks cool, but how do I take action on the data?"

Data in Argyle’s AR is interactive. Bring checklists into spatial environment--your interactions are shared between all users.