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About Argyle

BIM belongs on the Jobsite

(BIM - Buiding Information Model)

AR is the medium to get it there.

Argyle's patented technology keeps the BIM aligned to the changing construction site. 

Builders and BIM Nerds

We are Builders and BIM nerds who wanted jobsite tech to work as promised in our sci-fi. 


So we built Argyle--an augmented reality app that registers your BIM to the jobsite in easy to use holograms.


Whether you wanna call it God Mode for Project Managers or Star Trek for Construction--we don't mind.


With Argyle, BIM is a layer of reality that exists throughout the project. It’s fast, easy, and will be your new site superpower.


-Maret Thatcher, CEO & Co-Founder of Argyle

Maret Thatcher, CEO

A 3rd gen Construction Kid, Maret grew up in hotels near jobsites and paid for law school with a flagger paddle. But depite representing rad old biddies and cool construction co's, it was the sudden appearance Holograms that would cinch the end of a 7 year legal career. Maret pioneers spatial computing for the construction industry as CEO of Argyle.


She secretly builds Argyle because she never learned to read plans for shit and recording things automatically is the only way they get recorded. 


Logan Smith, CTO

An innate spatial thinker, Logan began building 3D video game environments for fun long before he was a licensed building architect. There he developed Revit shortcuts for himself and realized the creativety in software architecture might just exceed that of building architecture. Logan's always finding creative ways to make the impossible real in Augmented Reality.


He secretly builds Argyle because he actually died in a Virtual Reality game at his last startup. He was only allowed to escape this digital hell by blending the physical and digital worlds with augmented reality technology. 

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