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FAQ Series: The Inside Scoop on Argyle's AR—No Wi-Fi Needed

In our FAQ series, we tackle the most common questions we get about Argyle, and the AR space in construction—This week we address Wi-Fi and why it’s not necessary for AR in the field.
January 5, 2024
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22 January 2021

Does AR on the Jobsite need to be connected?

Does seeing your BIM in Augmented Reality need Wi-Fi?


It's common to wonder if Wi-Fi is necessary when you're loading a vast federated model in AR with Argyle. The answer is a resounding "No, sir!" It seems logical that such a sophisticated task would require a constant connection, but actually, we rely on three key advancements: improved algorithms, enhanced hardware, and our proprietary data handling techniques.

Getting a large model to load swiftly in AR has always posed a challenge—sometimes it's even a struggle to open a Revit project. Remote rendering and model decimation were past go-tos, but they required compromises—either constant connectivity or a loss of detail. Not ideal.

At Argyle, we've bypassed these issues with our innovative Model Compression. This technique allows us to keep the entire model accessible on-site, without the need for internet connection. Our solution is powered by an open 3D format, enhanced with Argyle's proprietary extension, which enables rapid loading and seamless interaction with BIM data.

Debunking the Myth:

You might think you need a full signal to navigate your model in AR, but with Argyle's model compression, you have the entire project at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

What We’ve Achieved with Model Compression:

- The ability to carry multiple site models on one device.

- No Wi-Fi required to explore your model in AR.

When Internet Connectivity Becomes Essential:

Certainly, there are times when a connection is key—like syncing model updates or logging in. But thanks to our compression technology, these updates are quick and easy, even on the go.

We recognize the benefits of having Wi-Fi on site—it can enhance the AR experience, enabling features like live augmented reality collaborations. We celebrate the advancements that bring better connectivity to job sites.

Stay tuned for more insights and examples of how Argyle's AR is making waves in the construction industry, one site at a time.

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