Answers to common questions

How do I get my BIM into Argyle AR?

Building information models are transferred through our handy Revit plugin. Revit is how your VDC or BIM lead will keep the model updated, declare new tasks, and send holograms to the jobsite. Once uploaded in in Argyle, you can see your model on site in 1:1 AR. Here is a video showing the process:

How accurate is Argyle's alignment of holograms to the real world?

Pretty damn accurate (while being responsive to the real nature of a changing, human-built jobsite). You are always able to see that your device is accurately aligned by subtle visual cues showing alignment with major floor, wall, and gridline elements.

Do I need to optimize my model to get it in AR? Is there a maximum upload?

You do not have to optimize your model. As for maximum upload--Wow. Your model is really huge! We've built our technology on Azure Cloud and optimize the data stored so you don't have to do anything you're not already doing.

What is the learning curve?

Not much--interacting with holograms is a lot like interacting with your other devices. Where AR has been difficult is alignment. Historically, AR has been a struggle to align with the real world. Argyle’s alignment is 1) easy and 2) hands off for most users--allowing them to focus on their build. For them, they’ll click buttons to see their data rich BIM in context. Easy peasy--no tech knowledge required.

What and When is Pacific Northwest Beta?

June 2020-December, 2020 Argyle is providing a limited number of projects unprecedented jobsite alignment technology and special pricing while we impliment new features and integrations. Interested? More info below: Oregon, Washington, and Idaho projects will get their BIM as a layer of reality on their jobsite. We support your model and alignment questions, and give you tips on where you'll save the most money using Argyle. Get more info: maret at argyle.build

Where do I download Argyle?

The Argyle App is currently downloadable through an invite and the Microsoft Hololens Store. The Revit plugin is available through invite.

What are Argyle's Outputs?

Updates, markups, checks on checklists and actions on tasks--all of this data is updated in our database forming jobsite diary like information.

Got specific Project Management software? Our outputs can be connected to almost anything with an API--Just ask for possible customization.


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